My name is Josh and I am a student at the Robert J. Lister Academy. My mission in this class is to go to Monteverde, Costa Rica to study the native plant and wildlife. The reason I want to study those subjects is because I have always been interested in foreign countries and nature. I also want to study the geographical terrain for my future plans of joining the military when I am of age. We need to raise about $1,800 per person to be able to go. We have done alot of hard work already. This is not a vacation - this is a learning opportunity of a lifetime. We have a class we are taking and we will be studying topics like the economy, ecology, world affairs, etc. Another reason I want to go is because I have never left the country. This will change my life to be exposed to a new culture besides here in America. The reason it will be a life changing experience is because most people do not get the chance to leave the country, and I could be one of them. I also want to see what it is like in a country without a military, unlike America. In a place like America, everywhere you look there is some type of military image. I want to see how the people of Costa Rica live without a military. In Costa Rica, I will study hard, and make the best of the time spent there.

Monday, February 7, 2011

my reflection of the book

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  1. Josh,

    Thanks for posting your comments on the blog. Using the video is such a neat way to blog too! I may have to use it.

    Your video reflections about "Walking With Wolf", made me think of the tool we use for analyzing literature. In English class we are often asked to actively make connections with the text that we are reading; i.e. does what we are reading remind me of something I have read before; can I relate to the main character as they move through the story. It is like I am sitting in a theater, watching other people put on a play. But in the Costa Rica class you have turned this whole way of doing an analysis upside down because YOU will make a real-life connection to what you have read. You will walk where Wolf has walked, you will see, touch and feel the rain forest all around you as Wolf did. The learning that you do will benefit nobody else but you.

    I look forward to reading more about your research project.