My name is Josh and I am a student at the Robert J. Lister Academy. My mission in this class is to go to Monteverde, Costa Rica to study the native plant and wildlife. The reason I want to study those subjects is because I have always been interested in foreign countries and nature. I also want to study the geographical terrain for my future plans of joining the military when I am of age. We need to raise about $1,800 per person to be able to go. We have done alot of hard work already. This is not a vacation - this is a learning opportunity of a lifetime. We have a class we are taking and we will be studying topics like the economy, ecology, world affairs, etc. Another reason I want to go is because I have never left the country. This will change my life to be exposed to a new culture besides here in America. The reason it will be a life changing experience is because most people do not get the chance to leave the country, and I could be one of them. I also want to see what it is like in a country without a military, unlike America. In a place like America, everywhere you look there is some type of military image. I want to see how the people of Costa Rica live without a military. In Costa Rica, I will study hard, and make the best of the time spent there.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Chapter 1

The subject of this blog is on the 1st chapter in the class book Walking With Wolf.

In the begining of the first chapter, Wolf is talking about what he saw when he looked out over the tops of the trees and thinks back to how it was in the begining. When he starts walking he describes what he see's and hear's. What he heard was the song of a black-faced solitare which had pierced the momentary stillness.

What I found interesting was how many different types of plants. There are pink impatients, which is an African plant that was brought there on European boats. It is very comfortable in its new surroundings. The land is almost nothing but plants. There are thousands of plants living in perfect harmony together.

Another thing I found interesting was the snakes. Its is reffered to as the land of legendary serpants. There are the poisonous Fer-de-lances, colorful coral snakes, eyelash vipers, and aggresive black snakes. the chances of seeing a poisonous snake is low and the chance of being bitten by one is remote. Most of the time someones day is ruined not by the snake but by their fear of them.

In conclusion, I hope to find many more interesting things and learn something new.


  1. I know that you did a lot of thinking and work with this first chapter - you have been very vocal in the class discussions. I think that the core part of our work is going to be working on ways to best capture that thinking in your writing.

  2. Nice first blog entry Joshua. It is well written out and it shows that you thought about this and put in a lot of effort for this.

  3. When I begin reading a book I sometimes find all the new information at the beginning of the book confusing. I like that you focused on mentioning the Impatients and all the different snakes. It helps me make a picture in my head about how Costa Rica. With plants all over the place and the snakes it seems like Costa Rica is a lush place.