My name is Josh and I am a student at the Robert J. Lister Academy. My mission in this class is to go to Monteverde, Costa Rica to study the native plant and wildlife. The reason I want to study those subjects is because I have always been interested in foreign countries and nature. I also want to study the geographical terrain for my future plans of joining the military when I am of age. We need to raise about $1,800 per person to be able to go. We have done alot of hard work already. This is not a vacation - this is a learning opportunity of a lifetime. We have a class we are taking and we will be studying topics like the economy, ecology, world affairs, etc. Another reason I want to go is because I have never left the country. This will change my life to be exposed to a new culture besides here in America. The reason it will be a life changing experience is because most people do not get the chance to leave the country, and I could be one of them. I also want to see what it is like in a country without a military, unlike America. In a place like America, everywhere you look there is some type of military image. I want to see how the people of Costa Rica live without a military. In Costa Rica, I will study hard, and make the best of the time spent there.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Chapter 3

The topic of this post is about chapter three in the book Walking With Wolf. In this chapter Wolf talks about many interesting things. He talks about the abolishing of the military and being arrested for not signing the draft.

In the beginning of the chapter Wolf talks a little bit about the civil war of the 1940's. he then goes on to talk about how the military was abolished in 1948. Ever since then people from around the world have been attracted to the area. the main reason so many people were attracted was due to the thought of a nonmilitary society.

When he talks about why he was arrested he said it was because him and a couple of his friends did not sign the draft because it was during a time of peace. When he went to court the judge did not want to be to harsh on them, nor let them off to easy. What the judge then said was taken to heart by all that herd it. He said "this is a government of laws and not of men, and so long you live here , you should abide b the laws of the land... those who oppose the laws of this country and this form of government, even when it goes to war, should get out of this country and stay out".

In counclusion, I am looking foward to learning more about Wolf and Costa Rica.

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