My name is Josh and I am a student at the Robert J. Lister Academy. My mission in this class is to go to Monteverde, Costa Rica to study the native plant and wildlife. The reason I want to study those subjects is because I have always been interested in foreign countries and nature. I also want to study the geographical terrain for my future plans of joining the military when I am of age. We need to raise about $1,800 per person to be able to go. We have done alot of hard work already. This is not a vacation - this is a learning opportunity of a lifetime. We have a class we are taking and we will be studying topics like the economy, ecology, world affairs, etc. Another reason I want to go is because I have never left the country. This will change my life to be exposed to a new culture besides here in America. The reason it will be a life changing experience is because most people do not get the chance to leave the country, and I could be one of them. I also want to see what it is like in a country without a military, unlike America. In a place like America, everywhere you look there is some type of military image. I want to see how the people of Costa Rica live without a military. In Costa Rica, I will study hard, and make the best of the time spent there.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pura Vida 3

Hello once again from Costa Rica. Today we went on zip lines over looking the rain forest. I was not scared when I was on the zip lines but rather when I was on the platforms. We went on 13 different zip lines of all different lengths, heights, and views. The views were amazing and breath taking. My favorite line was the last one we got to do was the very last one which was the highest and longest if them all. After we went zip-lining we went to what is called the Tarzan Swing. The Tarzan swing is a platform which you jump from and go swinging by two ropes attached to your harness. I was scared once again of the platform but once I was in the air it was amazing. Well, it has been a long week here but fun. Until next time Pura Vida


  1. Josh -
    What an opportunity to overcome one's fear of heights! What a great way to see the world! Did they tell you how many miles you covered on the zip lines?

  2. Hi Josh,
    Do you remember the Army zip line safety hook I gave you a couple of years back? Did you bring it with you? Now you know what it is used for. Once you get the hang of it, as it seems you did, you learn to trust yourself. Great accomplishment...be proud!
    CSM Steve